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Wide Left Podcast Episode 001: Let's Talk About Gaza

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Wide Left Podcast Episode 001: Let's Talk About Gaza

Arif Hasan and Ben Natan re-launch the Wide Left Podcast, a primarily political show dedicated to diving into one or two topics dominating current events. This episode, we talk about Gaza.

The discussion Ben and Arif have about Gaza runs long and delves a bit into history and discusses a fair amount of information. For sources on the state of life in Gaza prior to the most recent armed conflicts, check out this piece I wrote on October 9th.

Ben made some claims about the Israeli contribution to Israeli civilian deaths. There’s pretty good …

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Wide Left Podcast
A re-launch of the Wide Left Podcast, featuring Ben Natan and Arif Hasan. Primarily a show about politics, Arif and Ben break down a high-profile political topic and occasionally chat about football, too.
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